10 Year Anniversary – a message from our MD
March 3, 2020
Coronvirus Update – Office Closure in May
April 20, 2020

A message from DMR Collation to our clients in light of the current coronavirus pandemic:

As the UK prepares to take further steps to contain/delay COVID-19, at DMR Collation we have put in place additional measures to ensure we can still process all instructions as and when they are received.

We have taken some extra steps to ensure that other than a few core office based staff, all our other staff such as our nurse analysts and legal consultants can work remotely from their homes via our case management system with no impact on our business (or in fact YOURS!).

Our stringent data security measures will continue during this period of increased remote working and, as ever, we guarantee that physical papers will not leave our access controlled premises.

So for us its Business as Usual and we will notify you immediately should the situation change.

There are, however, some easy steps you can take as our client to limit the risk or exposure to us as a business.  These include:

1. Sending files digitally rather than physically when there is an option to do so;
2. Limiting the number of courier deliveries to say once or twice a week rather than daily;
3. Providing non urgent instructions.  Whilst there isn’t currently any restrictions in us completing urgent instruction work, it is likely that our capacity to do this in the future will be limited, so please do send instructions as soon as you are able to avoid the requirement for urgent returns.

At our end we have taken the decision to also limit our return of non urgent physical papers via courier to once a week with delivery on the Tuesday of each week.  If the matter is urgent, exceptions will, of course, be made and you will have sight of the digital records immediately via the Actionstep portal.

If you have any questions regarding our operations during this panademic or believe there are additional services we may be able to assist you with during any staff shortages you may be experiencing, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will, as always, be accommodating.

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