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February 7, 2023
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In 2021 DMR Collation became PAGE accredited.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with PAGE its acronym stands for the Pagination Accredited Group of Experts.

Whilst “paginator” isn’t a term that most pagination firms would have chosen to described themselves, after all a great deal more skill and knowledge is required to collate medical records other than just numbering the pages, this is the industry recognised term for companies such as ours who collate medical records and also prepare chronologies in order to get claims ready for medicolegal reporting.

PAGE was founded by four UK based pagination companies who were looking to raise the standards of pagination services in the UK so their clients could avoid instructing underqualified and inexperienced paginators.  PAGE is essentially a paginator’s practice quality mark for client care, compliance and practice management.

So why did DMR Collation decide to join PAGE?  PAGE accreditation is a mark of excellence in practice, recognised by law firms to demonstrate a paginators outstanding level of skills and expertise. Achieving PAGE’s specialised accreditation officially recognised DMR Collation as being suitably qualified to perform pagination work in legal claims to a high standard.  It is important that we can prove our quality of work to clients, and PAGE accreditation provides this proof.

However, since joining PAGE in 2021, we have realised that PAGE accreditation goes much further than simply demonstrating that we are a reputable business with established protocols, quality control procedures and a proven track record of excellence.  PAGE has also provided access to an invaluable industry specific pagination forum where progressive ideas and industry knowledge can be shared with the aim of further improving and modernising available collation techniques.

More recently, and very excitingly, PAGE Accreditation has been opened up to individual Nurse Analysts to apply, making accreditation possible for those sole practitioners who offer appropriate standards of quality.

In our opinion accreditation does matter, and we would like to express a massive thank you to the original pagination companies who set up PAGE with their vision to improve industry standards.  We fully advocate this pagination benchmark and invite other pagination companies to apply for the independent accreditation process.  Please visit https://pagination-accreditation.co.uk for more information on how to apply.

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