How a medical records analysis service can help law firms
July 17, 2017
Information on our Schedule of Radiology Service:
July 31, 2017

Our digital pdf booklets are an amalgamation of the prepared index, chronology, scanned records and any prepared schedules (such as a schedule of radiology).


We use an electronic bates numbering system which gives each record a unique and unrepeated page reference. Our system does not use continuous page numbering. This allows us to easily insert updating records, if required, at a later stage.


Our booklets are fully navigational with personalised bookmarks and hyperlinks. A bookmark is a type of link with representative text which makes it easier to navigate documents. The bookmarks appear in the “bookmarks tab” on the left hand side of the Reader window. Each bookmark jumps to a text anchor or a page i.e. the start of the index, chronology or records. Our pdf booklets are customised with bookmarks to direct a reader’s attention and make navigation even easier for you.


In addition to this, we have also created hyperlinks from any page reference which appears in the index, chronology or schedules, so that a viewer can click a link to jump immediately to the correct records page within the consolidated booklet.


This additional service saves the navigator considerable time in locating the records they need to view as the records are easy to access and navigate. In addition the records themselves are easy to transfer and print.


We love our new digital booklets and are sure you will too! Why not see for yourself?

We are now offering this as a free trial service for new clients.


Please contact DMR Collation on 01752 892745 for more information.

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