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MedBrief Secure Review Platform available in Partnership with DMR Collation

Working Together to provide secure medical records storage, access and review facilities

The nature of the work we do at DMR Collation means that we are dealing with highly confidential and sensitive information daily.

This information, which can be anything from digital medical records, indexes, chronologies, memorandums or schedules of radiology, needs to be stored and shared securely with our clients and other relevant parties.

For this purpose, we are happy to confirm that we are working in conjunction with Medbrief who are able to provide a secure platform through which we are able to upload our fully compatible documents allowing our clients to view, download and share them easily with medical experts.

Not only is the information we deal with confidential, but often the work is time critical too; we need to return matters within certain deadlines. Using Medbrief removes any delay in transferring data to clients and our clients can then easily share this data with their experts for specific time periods during instruction periods.

The cost of the MedBrief platform is available on a reasonable fixed fee basis for a 24 month duration which provides completed certainty of disbursement costs at the start of a matter.

Their MedBrief Secure ReviewTM service provides an intuitive interface for viewing medical records and imagery in a near-native format over any browser based device, making it a popular choice for lawyers and experts and driving down the overall cost of managing medico-legal and personal injury cases.

This digital platform will substantially reduce your costs of copying, hosting, processing and distributing medical records.  The platform also offers the ability to search for specific wording and to highlight entries of relevance making it a complete user friendly experience.

Provision of radiology for expert analysis is a challenge for all law firms.  MedBrief’s globally unique radiology viewer solves this issue in a single hit.  Radiology can be uploaded to MedBrief Secure ReviewTM  from any PC.  There is no software to install and you will avoid having to distribute radiology on an encrypted CD which opens up the possibility of interception and/or opening errors.

MedBrief takes care of the requirement for law firms to keep an archive of medical records and radiology.  All records are stored securely within our Tier 4 data centre whether the case is live or archived, there is no additional charge for archiving representing a significant saving for both internal and external storage costs.

MedBrief have invested heavily in providing leading edge security for both their physical and digital environment.  All MedBrief Secure ReviewTM data resides on secure servers located within Tier 4 UK based datacentres with multiple backups and all data is encrypted during transit using the latest TLS encryption algorithms.

If you are interested in finding out more about this unique service and how it can be used in conjunction with our own collation and chronology service, please contact Caroline Packer on 01752 892745 for further details.

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