Collation, indexing, digital scanning and electronic bates pagination of medical and other associated records.


Schedule of Radiology preparation.


Chronology preparation.


Creation of a digital booklet of the index, records, chronology and schedule of radiology.


Summary and Missing Records Review


Preparation of core bundles (when required).


Redaction of records.

DMR Collation offer a bespoke service which is catered to your own specific requirements.

Our collation service includes the collation, pagination, indexing & digital scanning of medical records. This service also includes the chronological organisation, detailed indexing, page numbering and digital scanning of records. We can provide paper and/or digital copies of the medical records, depending on your own specific requirements.

We use a digital page referencing system which ensures that all page references are presented neatly with no missed pages and the page referencing does not obscure any document data. We also use a individual referencing system which ensures that page numbers are not repeated and updating medical records can easily be added at a later date, without the need for extra sections.

We can produce an easily navigational digital booklet of the medical record as part of our collation service which has links and bookmarks.

If you opt for our analysis service, the digital booklet can also include our prepared chronology with links direct from the chronology to the referenced medical records.

Our digital records support the paperless office ethos and, because this service is completed as standard, we can also produce an easily navigational digital booklet of the medical records as part of our collation service.

Under our collation service (if not instructing a chronology) we also offer an optional summary review of the records, to include a summary of the timeline of events and identification of any relevant missing medical records.

If you also opt for our Chronology service, any requested digital booklet can also include the prepared chronology and any prepared schedules of radiology, which will have hyperlinks from any page reference direct to the referenced medical record itself. The chronology itself will deal with a summary background/timeline to the claim, any relevant pre-existing medical history, a specific list of all medical records considered, identification of any missing medical records, medical treatment received and/or recommended, current condition and prognosis, close scrutiny of the records to document any entry relating to limitation, liability, contributory negligence, causation, quantum and claimant creditability.