At DMR Collation we offer an additional service to clients in the preparation of a Schedule of Radiology.

The requirement for a Schedule of Radiology is entirely case specific. In some cases a Schedule will be useful, informative and can help to identify missing images or reports. However, in other matters, it will simply not be required.

Instructing solicitors send us CD Roms of Radiology from a Trust which contain images of various radiology.

Part one of our Schedule Service is to produce a reference table documenting all disclosed radiology images in chronological (date/time) sequence. This is completed in-house by our admin team. Our admin team will view the disclosed CD Rom of radiology and record in the reference table details of all images contained on the CD Rom along with the page numbers of their corresponding radiology reports.

The schedule has five columns as follows:

  1. The first column is for the date and time the radiology image was taken;
  2. The second column is a description of the image i.e. X-ray Chest;
  3. The third column is the name of the trust the image was taken at and description of the disc if more than one CD Rom was disclosed by the Trust.
  4. The forth column identifies whether the image was disclosed.
  5. The fifth and final column contains the page reference of the corresponding radiology report or record which identifies the result or that the image was undertaken.
Our schedule preparation service is not simply a list of what radiology images are contained on the CD Rom of Radiology. The schedule is aimed at being a much more useful tool for our clients to help them identify whether all images have been disclosed and whether any radiology reports are missing.

Part two of our Schedule Service is completed by our nurse analyst.

This entails a comparison task. When the nurse analyst is preparing the chronology, they will simultaneously review the records to check for any inconsistencies with the disclosed images and radiology reports. Any performed radiology noted in the clinical notes/correspondence/nursing notes, but not disclosed by the Trust on the CD Rom of Radiology, will be recorded by adding an extra line on the schedule. Any missing radiology will also need to be recorded by the nurse under the “missing records” part of the chronology.

Our end product is a schedule which specifies the chronological order in which radiology scanning has taken place and clearly identifies whether any radiology images or reports are missing from the current set of records. The schedule also lists the page reference for any radiology reports associated with the radiology image and, if clients are using our digital booklet service, has hyperlinks direct from the schedule to each individual referenced radiology report.