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June 15, 2020
Finalists at the Personal Injury Awards
October 28, 2020
Best Customer Service Product for Business

Shortlisted for Best Customer Service Product for Business at the 2020 UK Customer Service Excellence Awards

DMR Collation Ltd are delighted to confirm that our digital booklet service has been shortlisted for “Best Customer Service Product  for Business” at this years’ UK Customer Service Excellence Awards being held virtually in mid November.

At DMR Collation we pride ourselves on our ability to evolve and provide innovative solutions to meet the needs of the personal injury legal sector. Our team includes lawyers who have extensive industry knowledge, their expertise and professionalism are at the heart of company operations.

Our main services include the collation, pagination, scanning, redaction and analysis of medical records in personal injury, clinical negligence and historic abuse claims for law firms.  Our customer basis is the legal sector and the lawyers that work within it.

Historically, collated medical records were returned in physical versions only, however, our innovation through new methods of service delivery first introduced the digital scanning of these records, followed thereafter by the launch of our digital booklet product.  Our digital booklets have proven to be a massive success with our customers because they have positively impacted on how our customers store and share collated records and have increased our customers’ own business efficiency.

Our digital booklets are an amalgamation of the prepared index, chronology, scanned records and any prepared schedules (such as a schedule of radiology).  Our booklets are fully navigational with personalised bookmarks and hyperlinks. Each bookmark jumps to a text anchor or a page i.e. the start of the index, chronology or records. Our pdf booklets are customised with bookmarks to direct a reader’s attention and make navigation even easier for our customers.  In addition to this, we have also created hyperlinks from all the page references which appears in the index, chronology or schedules, so that a viewer can click a link to jump immediately to the correct records page within the consolidated booklet.  The Digital Booklet enables our customers to access the correct records page easily at the touch of a button and saves them, and their medical experts, considerable time and labour. Being digital the records are easy to access and navigate, alongside being easy to transfer and print. In addition to this the booklet is easy and cost-effective to distribute.

But don’t take our word for it, our customers have provided us with lots of feedback on how our digital booklets have been successfully integrated into their own existing processes and systems:

Michelle Armstrong, Senior Associate at Burnetts Solicitors appreciates all the features that the Digital Booklet offers and notes that:  The digital booklets are particularly helpful in terms of being able to access the records quickly and effectively. DMR are our first choice for medical records collation as the responsiveness, price and quality for the product, in particular the digital booklet, are second to none.”

Importantly the Digital Booklet service enables our customers to free up much needed physical space within their offices.  In an industry where the storage of voluminous, not to mention often multiple, files is essential to the job, this is an added benefit to this service as Claire Jowett, Paralegal for and on behalf of Irwin Mitchell LLP, another client, elaborates upon:  “The Digital Booklets that can be prepared means disclosure of large volumes of records in litigious matters can be done with ease, stored in a more cost-effective way and promotes agile access to records. We are able to improve our own business by ensuring these records are stored and disclosed in a more sustainable manner by heavily reducing the amount of hard copies of the same records produced, which in turn reduces time engaged and costs associated with these processes.”

 The environmental impact of printing off large bundles of paper is one that we as an organisation are mindful of and happily this service eliminates the need for this. With the drive for offices to go paperless, or at least heavily reduce their paper usage, we see this service as incredibly innovative and one that our customers truly appreciate. We truly believe that our digital booklets are an important advancement in record collation and one that really does serve and support the needs and requirements of the industry in an effective and pioneering way.

Claire Jowett of Irwin Mitchell LLP goes on to states:  DMR is truly a 21st century business that has an innovative spin on the collation of medical records and documentation, particularly with regards to the production of searchable Digital Booklets. These Booklets make review of voluminous records electronically easy and promote more sustainable and agile systems of working.”

 Angela Kirtley, Partner at Irwin Mitchell LLP comments:  “DMR Collation’s flagship Digital Booklet service has transformed the way we work and allowed us to solve a number of problems in our office. We were able to free up a significant amount of space by storing hundreds of volumes of paper medical records off site and still have instant access to the documents. We have also received very positive feedback from our experts one of who commented that “I was able to find individual parts of the records easily. This is so much better than paper as most of us writing reports have delivery and storage problems also” (DrGF). Paperless working is the future and DMR Collation is ahead of the game!”

 In summary the customer benefits of this service are that:

1.The electronic records are consolidated into one document;

2. The digital booklet is easy to navigate;

3. It is time saving as our customers can directly locate the record they need to view;

4.The digital booklet is easy to distribute;

5. It is cost saving as the administration fees associated with photocopying and distributing paper versions of the records are eliminated.

We believe our digital booklet product has successfully identified and addressed a gap in the marketplace which has improved our customers’ business operations.

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