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October 28, 2020
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January 12, 2023

It’s hard to believe that it was 13 years ago that I first started DMR Collation.  It’s been lovely to see DMR Collation grow and flourish over the years, despite the massive obstacles recent years have brought with changes in civil litigation, the introduction of fixed costs and, of course the new norm of remote working following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Luckily the systems and processes we already had in place meant DMR weathered these storms with minimal change.  Our secure case management system made remote working possible as well as gave us a secure digital means or receiving and returning medical records to clients.

A massive thanks must go out to our valued clients who have stuck with us over the years and continue to recommend our services to colleagues and new acquaintances.  However, I must make an even bigger thank you to our dedicated team of nurses, admin staff and lawyers who make working at DMR such a joy.

Here’s hoping 2023 doesn’t throw that many more hurdles at us!  I appreciate that the current cost of living crisis has meant every business needs to tighten their purses.  Our costs, however remain highly competitive for the standard of work completed and have been proven time and time again to add value to the work completed by law firms and their medicolegal experts alike.

It was great receiving this testimonial from one of our clients’ medicolegal experts last month:  “I wanted to make an observation: your firm’s paginations/chronologies/indexing are in such fantastic order that it makes things so much easier for someone like me; and helps me focus more on the issues I am asked to comment on rather than going back and forth through the records. Please pass this on to the clerking and paralegal team responsible. I am very impressed”.

DMR Collation remains regularly involved with the Pagination Accredited Group of Experts (PAGE) who comprise a group of pagination agencies who are dedicated to raising the standards of pagination services within the UK.  if you would like to find our more about the work PAGE do please visit their website at

Happy New Year!

Caroline Packer


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