DMR Collation’s Managing Director is a former personal injury litigator who has been in your shoes. We understand exactly what your firm requires from our service and what the relevant legal issues are.

At DMR Collation we consider ourselves to be an extension of your own dynamic team and will go above and beyond to ensure you are 100% satisfied with all the work completed by us.

We understand what your "bugbears” can be when using a Medical Record Agency and here at DMR Collation we have devised work systems and practices to banish them!

We use a consistent and methodical approach during both our collation and analysis process to ensure that all our work is completed to the same high standard. Work is completed in a team structure which ensures a high level of quality control.

At DMR Collation we use a unique blend of medical, legal and administrative staff to ensure that the right part of our work is completed by the right person. This results in an exceptional level of service to our clients.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we are constantly evolving to meet the needs and requirements of our clients and have maintained an excellent record of customer satisfaction and client service since our formation in 2010.


An organised, professional and easy to traverse set of medical records can often be key to running a successful personal injury claim. It avoids the potential for experts to miss vital notes in jumbled sets of records, often reduces experts fees as they don’t need to spend as long considering the records and allows the solicitor to identify key missing records at the start of a claim (rather than when the expert requests them).

The collation of one set of medical records at the start of the claim also ensures that all parties can use the same paginated bundle of records throughout the claim and references to specific page referenced records can be cross referenced in the claim’s key legal documents such as expert reports, witness statements and pleadings.

We know the work pressures faced by legal lawyers on a daily basis. The time it takes to collate and analyse a set of medical records is lengthy, an estimated 6 hours per lever arch file of papers. Case load pressures make it difficult for fee earners to block out the necessary time to complete these tasks effectively and, if time can be allocated, the fee earner may find that a lower Band Rate will apply to the work completed, meaning their time is better spent working on higher chargeable matters.

If completed in-house these tasks often fall to the department’s paralegal or trainee solicitors who may not have the necessary experience or medical knowledge to complete this work efficiently or to a high standard unlike our team at DMR Collation.

Case law has established that our fees are recoverable on an agency basis, allowing you to bill profit costs for our chargeable hours at a Grade D rate plus success fee for collation work and a Grade A-C depending on the type of analysis completed, for chronology work. As such there is a significant uplift return for our clients per hour for delegating this work to us. This means that not only can you ensure that an experienced professional has collated and analysed the records, but you can also bill profit costs for the work completed by us. DMR Collation provide a detailed file note of work undertaken to assist in the recovery of their fees on an agency basis.